Friday, September 20, 2013

Come and gone

The summer has come and gone and I have been busy, not necessarily with my digital photography but keeping 3 of my 4 granddaughters and with genealogy. I have to spread my attention around. I also try to have fun in the PSP community by making animated tag sets plus I moderate a typography forum so I keep busy.

There is some news I would like to share. I am going to have a 4th granddaughter in Jan 2014 and her sister will turn 1 yr old the next month, in February. The only boy in our whole family is my sister's son. Poor guy!

If you are out scouting around the Net, stop by my Weebly site and let me know how you like it.

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Are any of you from the Port Arthur/Bridge City area in Texas? Do you remember Esther's Seafood & Oyster Bar? It was a great place to eat and it was just at the base and sort of under the Rainbow Bridge. Here is a 2008 comment by a happy customer:
This is the fancy place we always go to when I'm in Port Arthur to see family.  It's got a wonderful atmosphere and great service, but the location under the Port Arthur side of the Rainbow Bridge is the best part about the whole experience.  I used to get red beans and rice, and it was always very good, but the last couple of times I've been I've gotten a giant plate of fried stuff and it was really too much.  If you go, I suggest skipping the fried catfish or shrimp and getting a traditional Cajun dish or the fresh catch.

It's just a beautiful restaurant.  I don't know if the same people owned the little crab shack that used to be behind it but I got barbecued legs there one night when I was maybe 8 that still count as one of my best meals ever so stop by that place if it's still open and you're in the area for a while as well.

Sadly, Esther's was a victim of Hurricane Ike and it has been closed since then. I found an article from Sept 2008 which told of the damage.
"Ike blew an aging shrimp boat, the Winky Dink, from the pier to the middle of the parking lot. Kurt Benoit said he plans to leave the boat there and christen it with a new name: Ike.

Before she returned, Esther’s son told her to expect “the worst you can imagine, and to double it,” she said." -- The News-Leader Sept 19, 2008
Back in 2006-07 I took a photo of the Rainbow Bridge from the piers in front of Esther's. I am so glad I captured the iconic restaurant.  I just sold my first copy of that photo on Zazzle:

The Rainbow Bridge connects Port Arthur (Jefferson County) to Bridge City (Orange County) over the Neches River and it opened Sept 8, 1938. It withstood Hurricane Ike seventy years to the month!

Well... I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I will see you soon.

All comments appreciated!

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